A simplified set of drawings containing floor plans, exterior elevations, and several renderings. The intent is to provide enough information for a contractor to provide you with a price to construct the design, so you can know if it is the right choice for your needs. These sets are marked “Not for Construction” and cannot be used to obtain a building permit or construct the building. If you’d like to purchase a Single Use Set or Developer Set of plans for a design for which you have previously purchased a Pricing Set, the cost of the Pricing Set will be applied to your construction set.

SINGLE USE SET - $800 to $3,500

 A complete set of construction documents for the construction of one house on one property by one owner. This set is marked for construction and permitting. It can be printed as many times as necessary for the construction of one house only.

DEVELOPER SET - $3,200 to $14,000

A complete set of construction documents for the construction of up to five houses on up to five properties by one developer. This set is marked for construction and permitting. It can be printed as many times as necessary for the construction of up to five houses maximum.


Our Plan Sets include drawings and information that your professional building contractor can use to bid and construct your home. Depending on the size of the design, drawings will be organized on 11x17 sheets or 24x36 sheets. All plan sets will be sent in PDF form to be printed by you.

11x17 OR 24X36 PDF




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Single Use & Developer Sets

These sets of construction documents contain the following:

• Cover Sheet
• Floor Plan(s) of each level
• Roof Plan
• Exterior Building Elevations
• Building Sections
• Miscellaneous Exterior & Interior Details
• Interior Elevations
• Ceiling / Lighting Plans
• Door & Window Schedules
• Generic Room Finish Schedule
• Exterior & Interior renderings of several key spaces



• Cover Sheet
• Main Level Floor Plan
• Upper Level Floor Plan (if applicable)
• Exterior Building Elevations
• Exterior & Interior renderings of several key spaces

Pricing Sets include the following drawings, with less detail than construction sets but enough detail for a contractor to provide a cost estimate:

What Does Each Drawing Contain?

Floor Plans

Detailed plans, drawn to scale for each level showing dimensions, wall arrangements, windows, door sizes, cabinets & plumbing fixtures, stair arrangements, etc. Plans are keyed and cross referenced to building elevations and building sections. A room finish schedule describes suggested surface treatments and materials.

Exterior Elevations

1/4" Scale drawings of all sides of the house showing exterior materials, measurements, windows, doors, roof configuration, etc.

Building Sections

These drawings show vertical cutaway views of the house from roof to foundation showing details of construction, framing, flooring, roofing, etc.

Detail Drawings

Large scale details of primary building conditions may be included.

Interior Elevations

Detailed drawings of kitchen & bath cabinet elevations and other elements describing the interior design intent.

Ceiling / Lighting Plans

Plans illustrating the ceiling configuration of each finished floor level and indicating soffits, beams, special materials, and suggested lighting and switching.

Door & Window Schedules

The sizes, totals, and suggested locksets for each door & window.

Room Finish Schedule

Generic information outlining the types of finishes shown in the renderings. All finishes, fixtures, and appliances to be selected by Licensee and/or professional contractor. 

Exterior & Interior Renderings

Color images showing the exterior and interior renderings as shown on the website prior to purchasing. 

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