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Before you purchase any of our plans, there are a few things you should know about our construction documents, how you can use them, and what else you'll need to get started building. 

Some Important Information

Architectural and Engineering stamps

Some building departments require that a licensed architect or engineer (licensed in the state of the construction) sign and stamp the construction drawings prior to issuing a building permit for construction. The purchase of house plan drawings does not include a stamped set of construction drawings or structural engineering. We recommend that all our clients work with a structural engineer prior to construction.

Concise Drawings

Drawings and specifications are intended to be utilized for construction by a licensed, professional building contractor. Since it is impractical to attempt to detail every condition occurring in the construction, only typical conditions are shown. Your contractor should familiarize himself with the drawings sufficiently to be able coordinate other conditions not detailed on the drawings.

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

MEchanical Layouts

Mechanical drawings are not included within the drawing package. Your local mechanical/electrical contractor or engineer must size and design the system to ensure correct operation of the HVAC equipment for your region and climate conditions and to comply with applicable codes.

Plumbing Layouts

Plumbing drawings simply show the type and locations of plumbing fixtures. Actual sizes and layouts of pipes are not included. Your local plumbing contractor or engineer must size and design the system to ensure correct operation and to comply with applicable codes.

Electrical Layouts

Electrical / Lighting drawings are included in the plan sets, which show diagrammatic layout and location of primary components, such as outlets and lighting fixtures. Electrical wiring and panel diagrams are not provided. Your local electrical contractor or engineer must design the system to ensure correct operation of the electrical components and to comply with applicable codes.

Unfortunately, plans are not refundable

Please double check the plan design before placing your order, since Cozy House Plans will not accept returned plans for refunds, exchanges, or credit. A Pricing Set (stamped "Not For Construction or Permits") may be ordered, if desired, to obtain a preliminary cost estimate and to help you to confirm that the plan you selected meets all your needs and requirements before you order the Construction Plan Package. Should you decide to purchase a construct set after previously purchasing a Pricing Set of the same plans, the cost for the pricing set will be applied to the Construction Set price.

We hope our Detailed Renderings allow you to understand the design before you buy.

We do not make modifications.

Here at Cozy House Plans, we are creating floor plans for people that want a cozy, comfortable house plans quickly and affordably. Therefore, we do not make changes to any of our plans. If you are wanting changes to the floor plans, you can talk to your builder or a local architect to make these changes. 

The plans are sold as is. Any modifications to the plans will void any warranties by Cozy House Plans, express or implied. 

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